Waymores Thanksgiving Newsletter

Dear Waymore Friends, Fans, Families, Supporters and Hangers On,

Man are we grateful for YOU!

The Waymores (me, Sally Barris & Don Henry) just played our last tour dates for 2011. THANKS to everybody who came out and clapped, whistled, hit on us, bought CDs and books, fed us, clothed us (we love the tee shirts and ball caps!), housed us, kept the litter boxes clean, let us track mud on the rug, and didn’t complain about my non-stop chatter, Sally’s midnight oatmeal addiction or the decibel level of Don’s snoring.

And THANKS for reading our newsletters, sending us emails, tweeting about us, remembering our songs and encouraging us in so many ways… and for urging us to hurry up and finish the damn album. (Hey we did!)

Speaking of the album, IT’S IN THE CAN. At present we are spreading around some pre-release copies to friends in the biz, including former publishers, managers, suitors, admirers, friends (and enemies we’ve patched it up with), ex-wives, old boyfriends, producers, publicists and on and on… to see if there’s any kind of sensible and creative support available for us now that we have a record done that we REALLY CARE ABOUT.

(And THANKS to Ray Kennedy for his mixing and mastering prowess. He took a smoldering heap of tracks and turned them into a real record.),

Finally, though we’re done touring for 2011, catch Sally touring with December Songs all next month:
And please visit Don’s and my websites for what we’re up to as well:
Of course the Waymores will be touring throughout 2012. To take a look at where we’re now booked:

OK, more soon on when you can expect an official album release and all other things Waymore. In the meantime, on behalf of Sister Waymore (a.k.a. Sally Barris), Willy Waymore (a.k.a.. Don Henry) and myself, our hats are off to YOU and our hearts are WARM with the blessing of your kindness and enthusiasm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pops Waymore
(a.k.a. Tom Kimmel)

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