Waymores Spring 2014 News

Spring Greetings to Waymores Fans Everywhere!

Pops here! Hope you all are as happy to see spring as we are!

Don Henry (Willy Waymore), Sally Barris (Sister Waymore) and I (Tom Kimmel, aka Pops) have been touring far and wide of late (together and on our own)  moving in and out of seasons and climates: flowers to snow and back to flowers.


1. NEXT WEEK we begin our annual California tour, and we are so looking forward to it. Hope to see lots of old friends and familiar faces… and of course make many new friends and fans. Check out our tour dates HERE.

2. Our debut self-titled album has been riding high on folk radio charts, reaching the Top 5 on the Folk DJ chart. Naturally we are thrilled!

If your local public/community/college radio station does not have a copy for their library, email us atinfo(at)waymores(dot)net and we’ll have a CD sent right away.

—Thanks to Erik Balkey and Hudson Harding Music for the great radio promo!

Waymores SOLO NEWS:

1. Sister Waymore (Sally Barris) continues touring to promote her latest fine solo effort, Wilder Girl. Her lovely song “Lately” was recently featured in the hit TV show Nashville. Congrats Sister! See her tour schedule and newsHERE.

2. Willy (Don Henry) has been touring with the talented Craig Carothers and with our old friends Jon Vezner and cellist Jeff Gilkinson as The Don Juans. Visit Willy’s website HERE.

3. Pops (that’s me, Tom Kimmel) has been touring and teaching solo all over the place. To see my April Newsletter, click HERE. To see my Tour Dates, click HERE.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: To buy the Waymores deluxe debut CD (or download or listen to songs), click HERE.

And to visit our sparkling website, click HERE.

Happy Spring! Hope to see you all soon!

Way More Love & Peace,

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