Waymores June 2012 Newsletter

The big Summer News for the Waymores is that our long-in-the-works self-titled debut album in available NOW for our friends, fans, families and stalker types. Click HERE to check it out!

The album, which we’ll send to radio and critics later in the year, features 12 Waymores-penned originals recorded exclusively for our debut record–plus the Waymores’ take on an early Beatles classic. We recorded and produced it together, and it was mixed and mastered by four time Grammy winner Ray Kennedy.

We’re pumped, stoked, jazzed, fired up and down on our knees slapping the floor over it! We’re that excited to share it with you.

OK, more soon on Waymores plans and schemes. For now, check out the album and our TOUR DATES.

We’re also out playing solo shows, teaching writing workshops etc. with great gusto. To visit our solo sites:




Hope to play in your part of the world in the coming months. In the meantime we’re happy to be cruising on down the road in the Way-mobileā€¦ with our new new long-playing album to spin and share.

Happy June!

Pops, Sister & Willy Waymore

(AKA Tom Kimmel, Sally Barris and Don Henry)

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