Waymores December 2012 Newsletter

Hey Way-Friends!

Pops Waymore here on behalf of the Waymore family to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS and THANK YOU for listening, coming to see us, buying our record, poking fun at us, feeding us (especially) and for putting clean sheets on the beds and moving the litter box in the other room. And thanks for not calling the cops that one time. It’ll never happen again!

So here’s the year-end scoop: In 2013 we’ll be touring all over the place and promoting our debut album like crazy. Carrying on and getting down. (But we’ll get up again, I promise.)

The bottom line: You make it possible for us to answer the call over… and over… and over. We love you and we appreciate you! And that’s no joke.

Peace, Love & Every Single Good Thing,
Pops (Tom Kimmel), Willy (Don Henry) and Sister (Sally Barris) Waymore

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