The Waymores January 2012 Newsletter

Occupying a mysterious position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Waymore symbolizes character traits such as wit, imagination and determination.

A Waymore can skillfully cram many bags, cowboy hats, iPads and guitars into midsize rental cars. And Waymores love to drive amazingly long distances, stopping from time to time at “Tar-Bucks” (Target/Starbucks in Waymore-ese) for much needed refreshments.

Waymores can write songs virtually on demand with the simple use of Sharpies and napkins-or leftover food wrappings.

They don’t worry about outcomes because they simply love singing in three-part harmony.

Don’t let a Waymore’s calm appearance fool you, A Waymore will pounce when necessary, grab the nearest microphone and sing its theme song at the top of its lungs.

Hey there Waymore fans, here’s to a bright New Year, and ours is off to a great start! Why? Because we are now touring with pre-release copies of our debut CD! Yes, the Waymores’ debut CD is finally finished, and it gives us great pleasure to share our music with you. Thank you so much for coming out to our shows and demanding music to take home. We’ll have a proper champagne-bottle-smashing release soon, and we so look forward to getting it into everyone’s hands. Hallelujah!

To all of you who made donations: Thank you so much! Your CD and other extras will be arriving soon!

Our first tour of the year kicks off in beautiful Staunton, Virginia and Morganton, North Carolina. All the details are below.


Sister Waymore

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