August 2011 Newsletter

Willy Waymore (AKA Don Henry) is the master of insta-sleep. He asks me to take over driving, so we pull over, and I swear, he can stay awake just about long enough to get his seatbelt on. Then his curly head rolls forward on his shoulders, and for the next hour or more he’s s life-sized bobblehead doll.

And here’s a little known fact about Sister Waymore (Sally Barris): she does a KILLER Porky Pig impression! Who knew?

As for myself, each road trip is an opportunity for me to improve my erratic driving skills. Willy’s taking the positive reinforcement approach with me. “Way to stay back a few car lengths, Pops,” he’ll say. “I like the way you signaled before you changed lanes there.” Hey I’m trying!

A couple of news items:

  1. We’re starting a new round of fundraising. We are SO grateful to those of you who contributed the first time around. Your contributions are getting our debut album mixed and mastered, and I don’t know how we’d have gotten this far without you. So THANKS AGAIN.The next round of dollars will pay for design, manufacturing and that all-important promotion–especially for an act such as ours that’s being introduced to the world.
  2. We’ve got some new photos up at our website and a few new short Willy-recorded videos on our Facebook page.

BTW, now you can follow us on Twitter.

Hope our travels bring us your way soon!
Pops Waymore (AKA Tom Kimmel)

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